De Bastei x Oddstream

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Outsourcing of Autonomy - An Exploration of Authorship

During the Kunstnacht, Oddstream and the Bastei join forces to connect the old with the new. In the historical surroundings of the Bastei, you investigate how AI takes over the work of the artist. Take a picture with Jasper van Loenen's interactive photography setup Black Box and discover how AI colors your world. Or dive into the luminous floating sphere DATLAS by Jippe Liefbroer and Sjoerd Mol, the beginning of an archaeological stronghold of AI. Is the artist still the author when AI makes the most important decisions? Both installations are works by alumni of the Design Art Technology department at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem.


Oddstream is a platform for art and technology, and is part of Lindenberg Cultuurhuis in Nijmegen. Oddstream shows art that explores the possibilities and boundaries of digital technologies. With this, Oddstream hopes to visualize and provide insight into developments in the field of these technologies in relation to a variety of social topics.

About De Bastei

The Bastei is the treasure trove of Nijmegen's nature and history, where you can discover everything about life in, around and on the river. Housed in a 16th-century defense tower, museum De Bastei offers an exciting labyrinth full of history and contemporary exhibitions.

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De Bastei

De Bastei is dé schatkamer van de Nijmeegse historie en…

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Lindenberg Kunst en Technologie voorheen…

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