Placeholder for Lara Bol Skate Seen Photographer Stephen van BokhovenLara Bol Skate Seen Photographer Stephen van Bokhoven

A dreamy art installation in which you as a spectator are taken into the ideal world of the queer/feminist skateboarding platform De Rollende Mina's. The visitor ends up in the middle of a mini skate park where much more happens than just skateboarding. Feel at home in the wonderful world of the queer/female skateboarding movement until you suddenly end up at Brebl.

In Brebl you are welcomed by the familiar air of stale beer, the tones of pioneering jazz and all the beautiful things you have come to know in the past 9 years. That sounds familiar to you, but you also know Brebl from music you've never heard before, which puts you on the wrong foot and which makes you leave the hall a bit disturbed but smiling anyway. Enjoy beautiful music from Jamie Peet & Niels Broos!

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