Visual arts


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Besiendershuis (bijna) voor jezelf!

Animals bring the Besiendershuis to life tonight! On your own, follow their tracks through the ancient house, from the hanging rooms to the garden.

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Bibliotheek De Mariënburg x Wiebert

When no one is watching, the library really comes to life. Normally we don't get to know anything about this, but you can cheat during the art night.

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InScience X Expo Bart

Did you know that play is just as important for adults as it is for children? Experience an imaginative program in which play, science and art come together.

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How do you experience art when your sight is limited, but your other senses are stimulated?

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Discover what the influence of language is and how we can use it to our advantage. Through image and word it is investigated how language shapes our reality.

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Valkhof Museum x Music Meeting

Embark on an enchanting journey through the cosmos of love and explore the dark depths of the human heart.

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Dutch only

Rollend door stedelijk Afrika

Push your limits while roller skating! Enjoy the illuminated dance floor with the wonderful amapiano sound of DJ Unruly Phoenix and roll on to the photo booth.

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De Bastei x Oddstream

In the historical surroundings of the Bastei, you and Oddstream will investigate how AI takes over the artist's work.

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Enter a crazy world where you lose yourself and become one with the environment. Celebrate being different in this dystopia of 'Earthly Delights'.

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Groeispurt x Stroomversneller

Meet the makers of the future! Become part of a number of projects supported by Groeispurt and Stroomversneller.

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The fusion of dream worlds where the unexpected combination of jazz and skateboarding takes you to higher spheres. Let yourself be misled!

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Dancing Dunes

What do an illegal rave and a bunch of dune grasses have in common? The Dancing Dunes installation converts movement through the wind into electronic sounds.

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The Big Draw

Step into the world where your senses come alive. Are you an audience or also a participant? A drawing activity follows the performance.