Go Short X Proces-Verbaal

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Go Short

During Kunstnacht 2023, short film and poetry join forces. Go Short and Proces-Verbaal will let you experience this coming together of the arts, where film and presentation complement each other and together create something even more beautiful. The exact details will have to wait a while, but we are already enthusiastic!

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Go Short

Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen Go…

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Proces-Verbaal is sinds 2014 een recalcitrante, pluriforme…

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Go Short X Proces-Verbaal

Experience how film and performance complement each other and create something even more beautiful together in this meeting of the arts.

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Discover what the influence of language is and how we can use it to our advantage. Through image and word it is investigated how language shapes our reality.

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Extrapool x Doornroosje

Vlieg gecontroleerd uit de bocht met Onderstuur, de zinnenprikkelende maandelijkse avond van Doornroosje en Extrapool vol eigenzinnige experimentele muziek.