Groeispurt x Stroomversneller

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De Stroomversneller and De Groeispurt are funds for makers from Arnhem and Nijmegen and give talent the opportunity to develop artistically, while stimulating experimentation. During the Kunstnacht you will become part of two projects that have received a contribution and you will get to know the makers of the future. De Stroomversneller and De Groeispurt are part of CultuurAcademy .

Merel van der Slobbe (Growth spurt)

In April 2023, Merel's debut poetry collection 'The moon shines brighter in the metaverse' was released. Various fragments from her debut collection have been given a new dimension in her poetry film. Her film deals with subjects such as digital culture, alienation, tensions between artificiality and intimacy, technology and desire. She also worked from a new, softer way of research: how do desire, intimacy and sensuality find a place in the cold world of algorithms, data and zeroes and ones? In addition to the film screening, Merel will also read one from the collection.

Bart Pols

The work of artist Bart Pols (ArtEz 2021) consists of drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures and performances. The creative process is an important part of his work in which craft, concept and research intertwine. Life is central to this. From an autobiographical starting point, he starts his research to translate various apparent contradictions in life into images. Bart will set up a small exhibition with his sculptures. The exhibition can be visited all evening.

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Cultuur Academy

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