Ik zie, ik hoor… de liefde! | Silent disco, maar dan anders @Kunstnacht. Hoor verschillende lezingen en kijk naar dans en film

Placeholder for Kunstnacht Silent disco love Image Okrasiuk via ShutterstockKunstnacht Silent disco love Image Okrasiuk via Shutterstock

There is love in the air in the Lindenberg during the Kunstnacht. And because love cannot be captured in two words, we like to stimulate your senses. What happens when different people see the same performance, but listen to a different lecture?

Put on your silent disco headphones and choose one of the three lectures about love. Watch the performance of dancer Sil Dekkers in the Karolingen Hall or the special animated film Eeva in the Valkhof Hall while listening.

Did the dance or film make you listen to the content of the lectures differently? Or did the lecture color what you saw? Take your phone to Wooclap 's interactive presentation (code: jijhoorliefde). You just saw the same thing as your neighbor, but heard something different. How does that affect your experience? Complete the sentence: Love is….”. View the answers of others in the word cloud on the screen at the Karolingenzaal or between the film screenings on the screen in the Valkhofzaal.

Sil dances four times this evening, always at 30 past the hour. The movie starts every 20 minutes.

Meet us at the Art Night and be kind!


All three lectures start at the same time. If you want to switch lectures/channels, you will join in the middle of the other lecture.

In the Karolingen Hall the lectures start at the same time as Sil Dekkers' dance . The dance lasts 20 minutes, just as long as the lecture:

7:30 PM - 7:50 PM
8:30 PM – 8:50 PM
9:30 PM – 9:50 PM
10:30 PM – 10:50 PM

In the Valkhofzaal , the film Eeva is shown every 20 minutes at the same time as the three lectures on your headphones.

7:10 PM | 7:30 PM | 7:50 PM
8:10 PM | 8:30 PM | 8:50 p.m
9:10 pm | 9:30 PM | 9:50 PM
10:10 pm | 10:30 PM | 10:50 p.m
11:10 pm | 11:30 p.m

About the lectures, dancer and film

LECTURES - Through your silent disco headphones.

Choose your color:
Red - Long live messy love | Program maker Liesbeth Jansen
In our flexible society we prefer to have control over everything. That mentality has even permeated love, making us afraid of making the wrong choices or choosing at all. Liesbeth Jansen makes a plea for messy love: where things can arise without us having planned or arranged them, and where there is room for lightness and the beauty of the everyday.

Blue - Love and the Loss of Control | Psychologist Anna Tyborowska (in English)
In everyday life, we often have to control our emotions and our actions in response to changing situations. When we fall in love, this can be particularly challenging. Maybe you are anxious about approaching the object of your affections? Or perhaps it's very difficult to stay away from them? In this talk, I will discuss how our brain and hormones interact when we try to regulate our emotions and behavior, and why this sometimes may be more difficult to do.

Green - Love: our body, our lust and our desires | Philosopher Ype de Boer
Since the sexual revolution, we feel more sexually free than ever. Yet the question is to what extent we actually are. In his lecture, Ype outlines the worldview against which our sexual desires play out and states that the way we experience our body, our pleasure and our desires are quite one-dimensional.

DANCE - Karolingen Hall

Sil Dekkers
(1990) graduated from Fontys Dance Academy in 2013 and has since collaborated with various choreographers and dance companies, including MAAS Rotterdam. In 2022 she founded RUW! together with a singer and multi-instrumentalist. and performed at Pavilion Ongehoorde Muziek and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, among others. Sil is also the founder of LOS, an online dance project where participants are challenged to move as freely as possible and without judgement.

FILM - Valkhofzaal

Eeva (2022) - Lucija Mrzljak & Morten Tšinakov
Duration: 16 minutes
English follows Dutch

It's a sad day in Eva's life. It rains heavily at her husband's funeral. There are several woodpeckers flying around. There is a lot of crying, a lot of wine drinking and the occasional dream.

ENG: It's pouring down with rain at the funeral. There's a lot of crying, too much wine, several woodpeckers and a couple of dreams that fill in the gaps.

How does it work? Silent disco… but different

With a silent disco you decide what you want. Normally you choose your own music. But today you choose twenty-minute lectures about love:

Put on the headphones and choose the color of your channel: red, blue or green:

The headphones have the following functions:

Don't forget to indicate via the interactive screen what love means to you. Use code: seehearlove

Automatically translated by Google Translate from dutch


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