The Pink Panther Party-dance along

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Welcome to the Safe Space of The Pink Panther Party- dance along!

Introdans and Open Source Radio take you with a swinging activity to the tolerant disco culture of the 1970s. The original The Pink Panther Party performance was already an anniversary hit of the now 50-year-old Introdans (choreography by Adriaan Luteijn and Chantal de Vries). in which a colorful cast of 20 dancers formed a diverse reflection of humanity. Dancers from Introdans were on stage in a Safe Space with special guests and performers from other dance communities, such as urban, show dance, funk and hip hop.

They are now making room for you!

As a visitor to The Pink Panther Party - dance along, you immediately enter the dance floor upon arrival. The Introdans Interaction team, accompanied by the greatest disco talents from the Open Source Radio stable, will take you through two scenes from the performance at lightning speed. And you? You are the radiant center.

It doesn't matter what your physical condition is, because this dance activity is accessible to everyone from young to old and is adapted to the crowd on the spot. The Pink Panther Party-dance along is the ideal opportunity to take your grandfather, your teenage niece, your neighbor in his wheelchair or pull your friend off the couch and take him to the Safe Space of The Pink Panther Party-dance along !

Can't get enough of Introdans? Then take a look at the Paarse Vide, where the Introdans film The volume in the flatness is shown (continuously).

The volume in the flatness is a film about Johannes Sebastian Bach, about the man behind the composer. With an almost literal view into his head and thoughts, three aspects of his life are discussed. His desire for perfection, his stubbornness and his perseverance.

The dancers or bodies in the film show that Bach was often thwarted. Not only from the outside but also by itself. These demons worked against him, but he created the most beautiful work as a result. This contradiction is a recurring theme in Bach's life. Jurriën and Alberto investigated this dualism. It is said that Bach brought volume to classical music, which was very flat at the time. The film does not follow a common thread but rather the chaotic thoughts of a genius. His statement 'I know the truth by accepting the fact that I know nothing' shows that Bach was always looking for perfection, but the tragedy is that he probably never realized how much perfection he delivered. He changed music history forever, he created volume in flatness.

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Introdans is er voor iedereen Al meer dan 50 jaar…

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