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Sissy Push

NEUS presents artist Timnotsimon during the Kunstnacht at LUX Nijmegen. When you enter the room you look out over another dimension. You walk down the stairs from the balcony, here you enter an amazing world in which you lose yourself and become one with the environment.

It is the world that asserts freedom but is caught in a game of chance. The borders are melting; what is performance, who is the spectator. We celebrate being different in this dystopia of 'Earthly Delights'.

The work is fluid, moves, changes and can be experienced continuously during the opening hours of Kunstnacht in LUX and a bridge is built with queer performers.

Timnotsimon makes voluminous sculptures and installations. His work for Kunstnacht 2023 is entirely dedicated to the queer community. The community that is under great pressure in these times and is often silenced. In the work, the word tells of freedom, inclusiveness, the celebration of being different against the superficiality and oppressive norm of society.

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LUX is al ruim 20 jaar hét arthouse in hartje Nijmegen met…

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NEUS is een interdisciplinair platform voor cultuuruitingen…

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