Valkhof Museum x Music Meeting

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Join us on an enchanting journey through the cosmos of love. During the Kunstnacht you explore the dark depths of the human heart with Valkhof Museum and Music Meeting . Just in love or just broken - sometimes you fall into a black hole. We take you into this feeling with a sensory stimulating experience.

Lie down and look up. What do you see? What do you hear? With a colorful cosmos above you accompanied by hypnotic sounds of live music by improviser and composer Ada Rave , you feel the boundaries of space and time blur.

Join one of the four sessions in the Marikenzaal of De Lindenberg, which is entirely themed around 'Love in the air'. Each experience lasts approximately 20 minutes. Keep an eye on the Valkhof Museum and Music meeting websites for updates and more details.

The experience offers a preview of the exhibition Into the Black Hole - on view from 13 October in Valkhof Museum.

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Music Meeting

Music Meeting Festival gaat dwars door stijlen, genres en…

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