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In the exhibition Outside the Text,POST focuses on the question of how language shapes our reality. Wintertuin presents creators of her writing workshop Literatuurnest – Maartje Franken, Maaike Rijntjes, Nina van Lier and Sahra Mohamed – who respond to work from the exhibition by means of a 10-minute Dutch lecture. In addition, as one of the participating artists of Outside the Text, Natalia Papaeva will prepare a 5-minute performance in a mix of Buryat and Dutch.

As humanity, we give meaning to everything around us by assigning words to it. The question of how this works the other way around is less discussed; how that same language can also create realities, and thus maintain power structures. At a time when specific words are regularly scrutinized, for example for the designation of groups of people, this question appears to be more relevant than ever. What is the influence of language and how can we manipulate it?

7:30 p.m. Maartje Franken
8:00 PM Sahra Mohamed
8:30 p.m. Maartje Franken
9:00 PM Sahra Mohamed
9:30 pm Natalia Papaeva
10:00 PM Maaike Rijntjes
10:30 pm Nina van Lier
11:00 PM Maaike Rijntjes
11:30 PM Nina van Lier

NB: The lectures are in Dutch, the expo is open to everyone.

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POST (voorheen Expoplu) is een platform voor hedendaagse…

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