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About & contact
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Kunstnacht is an art experience festival in Nijmegen. The festival lets you discover in an accessible way all that Nijmegen and the region have to offer in terms of art and culture.

Participating cultural organisations with different backgrounds are linked together to create unique crossovers between different disciplines. It is a true voyage of discovery where you get to experience new or familiar locations and organisations in new ways!

Kunstnacht believes that experiencing art can bring our busy lives to a halt for a while, amaze us, stimulate us to think or act in a different way and can bring us together. Together with the participating cultural organisations, we are turning the city (and eventually the region) into one big festival where art is the vehicle of the experience. Through the many visitors the event attracts, Kunstnacht contributes to raising the profile of the city and its surroundings. In this way, Kunstnacht makes the Nijmegen region a little more pleasant to live and work in.

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Both the public and the participating cultural organisations are challenged to look beyond their own beaten track. In a nice and accessible atmosphere, the public is enticed to explore Nijmegen's diverse cultural circuit and get to know new cultural locations and art institutions.

Moreover, audiences can discover already familiar locations in a new way, for instance by exploring a museum by night or being allowed to look backstage at a theatre. Cultural institutions step outside their own boxes, they are encouraged to present themselves as attractively as possible to new audiences, they can learn from their cooperation partners and experiment with new art disciplines.

In addition, the cultural network in the entire 025 region is strengthened: many organisations find each other not only during the organisation of Kunstnacht, but also afterwards many new collaborations persist.

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Kunstnacht would like to grow into Gelderland's premier art experience festival with national recognition and appeal. That is why you will find cultural breeding grounds and small cultural organisations as well as large BIS institutions like De Nieuwe Oost, Theater Oostpool, Introdans and, since this year, Phion. For the Nachtfeest, we collaborate with MOJO festival Down The Rabbit Hole.

For 11 years, cultural organisations, makers and entrepreneurs have successfully organised the festival. Since 2022, the organisation has been in the hands of the new Stichting Kunstancht. Two parties from Nijmegen are represented in this foundation: Stichting Hubert, a cultural breeding ground for young makers and Stichting ACBN Evenementenbureau, known for, among other things, the Vierdaagsefeesten and the Nijmegen Winter Weken.

Who are we?

Project management: Marlijn Hoefnagel & Alex Schreuder Goedheijt
Marketing: Linda Langhout & Ward Borremans
Production: Mischa Peters & Hein van den Hoogen
Volunteer coordination: Jitske de Vries

Board: Jop Teeuwissen & Joris Bouwmeister

Com­pa­ny data:

Stichting Kunstnacht
Van Schaek Mathonsingel 12, Nijmegen
KVK 86869124