De Schoenfabriek x NYMA Makersplaats

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NYMA Powertool Race – The Art of Sport

VRROM! The inner street of NYMA makerspace is being transformed into a Powertool Arena by De Schoenfabriek and the handy men of the Bouwketen! Enthusiastic makers appear at the start line with self-built, power tool-driven racing monsters, for a spectacular duel. Who builds the fastest? Who crashes the best? Which racing animal is the sexiest, original or energy efficient?

Surrounded by creative workshops, music and a bar, you can make your power tool racer in the Bonte Bouwhoek and hit the track right away!

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NYMA Makersplaats

Dé plek in Nijmegen waar uiteenlopende makers zich…

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De Schoenfabriek

Ons motto is even kort als veelzeggend: wij máken leuk.…

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