Night party 21 sep 2024 Night party 21 sep 2024 Night party 21 sep 2024 Night party 21 sep 2024 Night party 21 sep 2024 Night party 21 sep 2024

Night party
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Your Kunstnacht is not complete without the Kunstnacht Nachtfeest! Doornroosje and Down the Rabbit Hole join forces with Kunstnacht to turn the night into a great party. The Vasim is transformed into two of Down the Rabbit Hole's beloved dance floors: REX and The Bizarre.


The high-voltage nightclub REX gives full throttle on the shelf, with house, techno and electronics from Guus Christian, Hellie and Lysah.


The Bizarre is an all-inclusive world tour through funk, dance, hip-hop and afrotech. Prepare for a hot night with S!rene, Sim–OJ and Nala.

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The festival vibe is not complete without a surprising program in the corridors, provided by Singular Art and Naaistreek.

Singular Art

Singular Art Gallery presents the performances 'Twins' and 'Om en Nabij' by Coen Vernooij in which the many sides of his work are highlighted. The seemingly simple forms and constructions are set in motion and thus emphasize the space that a form produces. The processing into performance also raises the question of what happens when people become part of the work. Where does the work end and the audience begin? Where the work may initially seem measured and calculated, Vernooij looks for precisely where reality and illusion meet.

Naaistreek X PhosPhor Visuals

Performance duo and maker studio Sewing Region provides a theatrical act in an Art Night atmosphere, as only Sewing Region can: exuberant, surprising, inclusive, original and disconcerting. The visual appeal is enhanced by a collaboration with PhosPhor Visuals. This duo from Nijmegen works with fully analogue projections: back in time but completely contemporary.