Program Kunstnacht 2023 announced

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Posted: 13 June 2023, 15:49 hour

Pro­gram Kun­st­nacht 2023 announced

Saturday September 16 you can discover what Nijmegen and surroundings have to offer regarding arts and culture, during the 12th edition of Kunstnacht. No less than 60 cultural organisations give you a true journey of discovery throughout the city. Because participants with different backgrounds are linked, unique cross-overs are born.

The program of Kunstnacht 2023 is presented now: visit various dance, theatre and musical performances by for instance De Basis, TG Greppel, Introdans or Phion, in the centre of Nijmegen and the NYMA-area. There, also the Nachtfeest (Night party) will be held, hosted by Doornroosje and Down the Rabbit Hole.

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New: zones

For the second time, Kunstnacht is organised this year by Hubert and ACBN. After a succesful start, the organisation now tackles two issues: the distance between the locations and the capacity per location. Where there were 28 locations to visit throughout the city last year, now the complete program is divided into four compact zones. Each zone has at least one location with a large capacity and multiple programs, so there is always something to do and lang waiting lines are not to be expected. This way, you can see more programs in less time. In the city centre, everything starts at 7PM. From 9PM onwards, you can also visit programs at the NYMA-area.

Stadsschouwburg, Doornroosje and Paraplufabrieken are the yellow zone. Here, Introdans and Open Source Radio drag you into a dance along and Rollende Mina’s and Brebl let jazz and skateboarding come together. UitnachtArnhem and Posttheater literally create a bubble filled with music and theatre, The Big Draw organises interactive drawing performances. Experimental music is provided by the collaberation between Extrapool and Doornroosje, Schouwburg presents an adventurous musical path of 3Violas. De Basis shows that new technical and artistical developments collide, Groeispurt and Stroomversneller present makers of the future. POPOP lets various performances emerge, such as a mobil art installation. Vierdaagsefeesten welcomes you with street theatre, Wintertuin and Platform Post research how language shapes our reality and Go Short and Proces-Verbaal creates new pieces of art in which movie and poetry come together.

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The blue zone is the area around LUX, RUIS and Bibliotheek (library). Op Ruwe Planken and Beatwise drag you into the mythical stories of the hip hop scene of Nijmegen, NEUS and artist Timnotsimon celebrate being different in dystopia of 'Earthly Delights’. Artez Muziektheater provides a magic realistic journey, Phion merges classical music and yoga. Bibliotheek de Mariënburg and WIEBERT show what happens at night at the library and MuZIEum and RUIS let you experience art with other senses.

De Lindenberg is the pink zone, together with De Bastei and Besiendershuis. You can attend an exclusive preview of Oostpools latest show COCK and explore the dark depths of the human heart with Valkhof Museum and Music Meeting. Radboud Reflects and de Lindenberg research what happens if various people see the same show but listen to a different lecture about love. Follow the stray route of TG Greppel and Besiendershuis throughout the ancient building and explore with Oddstream and Bastei how AI takes over the work of the artist.

The programme at NYMA-terrein is the orange zone. Here, you find an installation of Schemerlicht, and can roll though urban Afrika with Afrika Museum and Waalhalla. ExpoBart and Inscience merge games, science and art, NYMA Makersplaats and Schoenfabriek create a power tool race arena. The Mansion and Cultuur op de Campus lead you into the night with their performance.

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Nachtfeest (Night party)

At midnight, Vasim will be transformed by Doornroosje and Down the Rabbit Hole into two beloved dance floors of Down the Rabbit Hole. In night club REX Guus Christian, Hellie and Lysah will fire up the dance floor with house, techno and electronics and at The Bizarre S!rene, Sim-OJ and Nala will take you on an around the world trip with funk, dance, hip hop and afrotech. Singular Art and Naaistreek provide extra festival atmosphere.

Tick­ets and info

The complete program is on this website. With a ticket of €17,95 you visit all Kunstnacht programs in the city and at the NYMA area, with a passe-partout of €24,95 you can also enter the night party. Only visiting the night party is possible for €12. This early sale is until July 24, after that prices will be increased.