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Besiendershuis (bijna) voor jezelf!

Animals bring the Besiendershuis to life tonight! On your own, follow their tracks through the ancient house, from the hanging rooms to the garden.

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The Mansion x Cultuur op campus

Be surprised by an eclectic conclusion of Kunstnacht'23 on the NYMA site: a capoeira parade show! After this you automatically end up at the Night Party.

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The Pink Panther Party-dance along

Welcome to The Pink Panther Party- dance along! Introdans and Open Source Radio take you back to the disco culture of the 70s with a swinging activity.

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3VIOLAS follows an adventurous musical path by analyzing, deconstructing and rewriting existing pieces from different music genres.

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Valkhof Museum x Music Meeting

Embark on an enchanting journey through the cosmos of love and explore the dark depths of the human heart.

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Dutch only

Rollend door stedelijk Afrika

Push your limits while roller skating! Enjoy the illuminated dance floor with the wonderful amapiano sound of DJ Unruly Phoenix and roll on to the photo booth.

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Phion & Chill

Experience classical music and a yoga session like never before! Don't like yoga? Then plop down in one of the bean bags for a relaxing concert experience!

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Dutch only

Uitnacht Arnhem

Visit our transparent bubble full of music and theater, outside for Doornroosje. Look into the dome and let yourself be transported by words and sounds!

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Enter a crazy world where you lose yourself and become one with the environment. Celebrate being different in this dystopia of 'Earthly Delights'.

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ArtEZ Muziektheater

In the form of a theatrical concert, the actors take you on a magically realistic journey of THE MONSTER TRILOGY

Placeholder for Lara Bol Skate Seen Photographer Stephen van BokhovenLara Bol Skate Seen Photographer Stephen van Bokhoven


The fusion of dream worlds where the unexpected combination of jazz and skateboarding takes you to higher spheres. Let yourself be misled!

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De Schoenfabriek x NYMA Makersplaats

VRROM! The inner street of NYMA makerspace will be transformed into a Powertool Arena. Create your own power tool racer and hit the track right away!

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Doornroosje x DTRH: Nachtfeest

Your Art Night is not complete without the Night Party! The Vasim is transformed into two of Down the Rabbit Hole's beloved dance floors: Rex and Bizarre.

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Extrapool x Doornroosje

Vlieg gecontroleerd uit de bocht met Onderstuur, de zinnenprikkelende maandelijkse avond van Doornroosje en Extrapool vol eigenzinnige experimentele muziek.

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Deze Kunstnacht laat De Basis zien dat nieuwe technieken en artistieke vernieuwing hand in hand gaan. Kom ervaren hoe beweging muziek kan creeëren.